Norwegian technology transfers
from the oil and gas sector


This website highlights some of Norway’s leading examples where technology from the Norwegian oil and gas sector has been applied in other industries.

It is a collaboration between the GCE Node, GCE Ocean Technology and NCE Energy Valley petroleum clusters as well as Norwegian Oil and Gas and Innovation Norway.

Innovation Norway
By financing projects and enhancing the expertise of entrepreneurs and established enterprises, Innovation Norway helps to create tomorrow’s jobs. It offers services in financing, expertise, networks and promotion. Offices in all Norway’s counties and roughly 30 countries.

Norwegian Oil and Gas Association
Norwegian Oil and Gas is an interest and employer organisation for oil and supplier companies related to petroleum activities on the Norwegian continental shelf. It works to promote the continued progress of a competitive oil and gas industry in Norway, and also develops guidelines for this sector.

GCE Node
The global centre of expertise (GCE) Node is a cluster of 100 companies in southern Norway which deliver world-leading technology, products and services to the energy and maritime industries worldwide. Its focus is on building expertise and R&D collaboration with national and international partners.

Goals include ensuring competitiveness, strengthening the development of new products and services, and transferring knowledge and technology to new markets in a sustainable manner. GCE Node is part of the Norwegian innovation clusters programme.

GCE Ocean Technology
Established in 2006, this Bergen-based global centre of expertise (GCE) is an industry-run initiative in ocean technology with more than 120 partners and members.

The cluster develops and delivers innovative solutions for a broad range of marine applications, including subsea oil and gas production, renewable energy generation, food production, and prospecting for seabed mineral resources. It forms part of the Norwegian innovation clusters programme.

NCE Energy Valley
Energy Valley is a technology cluster and Norwegian centre of expertise (NCE) with a centre of gravity in the region around Norway’s capital and more than 200 institutions and companies as members.

By offering infrastructure for collaboration, knowledge transfer and new insights, Energy Valley helps its membership to adapt to, benefit from and contribute to a changing energy sector. It forms part of the Norwegian innovation clusters programme.